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Tunstall Engineering Group
325 Thomson Park Drive

Cranberry Twp, PA 16066





We offer structural and geotechnical engineering services from concept through construction on simple and complex projects.


Tunstall Engineering Group’s expertise is in both design-bid-build and design-build environments. We provide real world solutions and embrace the latest technological tools to deliver the best results to our clients.

Types of Services

Steel and Concrete Girder Erection

Bridge Demolition

Bridge Jacking

Support of Excavation

Truss Bridge Rehabilitation


Bridge Design

Geotechnical Engineering

Design Build Structures

Alternate Design Structures

Our Team


Tunstall Engineering Group is recognized for its expertise in complex bridge projects of all kinds. Our expertise lies in supplying the link between engineering and construction. We excel in both design and construction because our team has a deep understanding and experience in both areas.

Featured Project
The CSVT River Bridge near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, was a complex civil engineering project where Pittsburghs Tunstall Engineering applied their expertise to steel erectiin, spreader beams, and more.
CSVT River Bridge
Steel Girder Erection Plan / Pier Form Falsework Temporary Towers / Slope Stability Analysis Support of Excavation / Work Platforms / Spreader Beams

TEG provided a wide variety of services for the CSVT project. Most our involvement was on the CSVT River Bridge, which is a 15 span 4545’ long steel multi-girder bridge over the Susquehanna River in Union/Northumberland Counties north of Harrisburg, PA. TEG provided Century Steel with the steel girder erection plans and calculations. With pier heights near 200’ and spans as long as 350’, the erection required multiple finite element models to verify stability, stresses, and to design temporary lateral bracing. Towers up to 85’ tall, Work Platforms, and Spreader Beams were also designed for the project.

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