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About Us

Tunstall Engineering Group is an engineering company with a focus on providing structural engineering services to the transportation industry. Our staff has extensive experience providing engineering support to contractors on bridge and other construction projects. We have a great deal of experience on both conventional design-bid-build projects and design-build projects.


In addition to great experience, we pride ourselves in doing high quality work. We place high importance on Quality Control and ensuring all deliverables pass through our QC process.  Submittals never leave our office without receiving a thorough check by a series of engineers.



Tunstall Engineering Group specializes in:


Steel and Concrete Girder Erection
Bridge Demolition
Truss Bridge Rehabilitation

Tunstall Engineering Group has performed truss rehabilitation work for both government agencies and contractors. We have performed truss analysis using 3D finite element analysis to determine member and gusset plate strengthening requirements. We have worked with contractors to develop efficient means of repairing or replacing truss members and gusset plates.

Support of Excavation

Our team has designed both permanent and temporary excavation support structures. We design excavation supports ranging in complexity from simple sheet pile walls to multi-level anchored soldier pile walls. We have also successfully performed soil nail wall designs and have experience in supporting the contractor through construction.


Bridge Jacking
Panoramic 2.jpg
Bridge Design

Tunstall Engineering offers full service bridge design capabilities. We have experience designing steel and concrete superstructures, conventional, integral and semi-integral abutments, along with single and multicolumn piers. Our resume includes bridges ranging from straight girder single span bridges to complex curved girder multiple span bridges. We also have significant experience in steel bridge rehabilitation, including steel girder and truss bridges.

Our bridge demolition experience encompasses all of the typical means and methods necessary to demolish a bridge. For deck demolition, we analyze any bridge to determine the equipment allowed to be placed on the structure. For beam and truss removal, we analyze the structure for temporary equipment and determine crane requirements.

The Tunstall Engineering Group has generated erection procedures for bridges ranging from small, straight simple span bridges to large, curved or skewed multi-span girder bridges. We have extensive experience with 3D finite element analysis to examine each erection stage for a complex bridge. We use models to determine stresses and deflections to ensure stability during erection.

Tunstall Engineering Group has performed engineering services for many bridge jacking projects. We are well versed on the many different methods of supporting a bridge, including jacking under diaphragms, from temporary towers, from temporary beams/columns anchored to the substructure, or simply jacking from the beam seat. We have the experience to design the temporary components for any jacking setup.

Design Build &
Alternate Design


Prime Consultant services for Design Build and Alternate Design structures including walls and bridges is another top priority service offering to contractors. Combining our permanent bridge and wall design experience, we are able to provide unique perspective as a Prime Consultant for your next Design Build or Alternate Design project. We are pre-qualified to perform these projects in Pennsylvania and have a history of successfully delivering these projects with high quality, efficiency, and accuracy.

Anchored Walls & Micropiles


Tunstall Engineering Group has designed walls with both latent and active anchors and provided support of deep foundations services (excavation, micropiles, caissons, etc.). We excel in accommodating contractor installation methods and will incorporate design elements that will aid in simplifying installation and construction. 

Accelerated Bridge Construction

We have experience providing designs and estimates for ABC construction including bridge moves, and precast bridge erection. Our positive track record and expertise in bridge moves allow us to provide exclusive perspective and unique solutions for your next project whether it is in the conceptual, final design, or construction stage.

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